Filmed and recorded live by Robert Male on Friday, August 6th 2021 at the Church of St Mary the Virgin at Burrough on the Hill, Leicestershire, England. Edited by Robert Male: 
This was the first of two sold-out shows at the church, and we are grateful to our staunch supporter Robert for capturing the gig using five separate cameras. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties the sound is recorded through a mobile phone and not directly off of the mixing desk...still sounds pretty good though. 
Additional special thanks to: Dave Tidmarsh (Sound Engineer) Laura Smith (Lighting Technician) Angie Allen and Mandy Fox (Organisers) Reverend Jane and the Church of St Mary the Virgin Our audience x 
"I name my mind and throw it treats, hoping it will become tractable" is available on the Project Blackbird album, "If This Is the End" (2021): 

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